Popular Author, Barry Stone and his partner, Paul Simpson met 33 years ago when Barry accidentally gate-crashed Pauls 27th Birthday party and Barry said he couldn’t help but notice the stunningly, handsome Paul!

The pair entered into their Civil Partnership in April 2013 at the Alnwick Register Office and what a wonderful event it was. A truly fun-filled couple, whose love is apparent to anyone that meets them, they then had a huge fancy dress party with all their family and friends to celebrate their union.

In March 2014 we had the excellent news that same-sex marriages were approved and shortly afterwards we had the news that all couples who were already in a Civil Partnership could now convert into a marriage.

Barry took this opportunity to give Paul the most magnificent surprise and arranged a surprise Conversion the day before his 60th birthday.

Paul thought he was simply coming to the appointment office to have the legalities taken care of, what he didn’t know was that Barry had contacted us to arrange a beautiful conversion ceremony in the original room their Civil Partnership took place.

A few lies had to be told and some secret emails were exchanged between Barry and the Northumberland Wedding Co-ordination Team to ensure this surprise was kept under wraps! We even managed to get the same two Registrars who had conducted and registered the original Civil Partnership to do the surprise Conversion.

Barry and Paul arrived and were taken to the appointment office where the legalities were completed. Paul even asked at this point if he could see the Registrars who did the civil partnership, as it would be great to meet again and we had to lie and say she was on holiday!

Paul believed everything was taken care of and that he was leaving, but to his astonishment he was led to the ceremony room where Barry opened the door to reveal 30 of their closest family and friends, along with the Registrar. Needless to say Paul was amazed and the couple made a very emotional entrance.

The happy couple then had the most wonderful ceremony, exchanging heart-felt promises and even had a guest sing-along which was so much fun.

Barry really worked hard to guarantee the most perfect day and it was an absolute pleasure to announce that they were no longer civil partners but now united in marriage!

Speaking to the couple afterwards they were thrilled at how helpful our Wedding Co-ordination team were and couldn’t be happier with the service we provided from the booking process to the actual ceremony. We wish Barry and Paul a long, happy and exciting future together.

NB Please visit Barry Stones website to discover more about his fabulous books: www.barrystone.co.uk