Jacob,  a North East native and Joe from North Yorkshire, met 8 years ago at University through mutual friends. Their story began with a chance conversation over sharing a variation of the same surname! 


Joe had planned to propose during their upcoming trip to Paris, somewhere Jacob knew well. Looking back both laugh about the proposal which didn’t go according to plan. When discussing the upcoming trip with a mutual friend who knew the plan Jacob made the comment that proposals in Paris were ‘stereotypical and corny’. Jacob recalls seeing Jacob exchange a worried glance with their friend and thought a plan may be afoot! Laughing Jacob stated that with hindsight it probably wasn’t the best comment to make!


During the trip Jacob waited expectantly for what he thought was the imminent proposal at each historic landmark they visited- but none came. On their last day whilst sitting alone waiting for Joe in the bar, Jacob panicked when a waiter presented, and then proceeded to open, a rather expensive bottle of champagne. Desperately trying to explain to the waiter he hadn’t ordered it Joe came rushing in to explain that it was for them and the proposal was made! 


Wedding planning under way, Jacob and Joe looked at venues close to them in Leeds. But Jacob being from Sunderland had always wanted the big day in Northumberland having spent many happy trips here as a child and describes Northumberland as his favourite place in the UK ( we agree!) The guys heard about Newton Hall through a couple of friends and combined it with a trip back home, viewed it, fell in love with it and booked it on the same day! Jacob recalls ‘when you know, you just know it’s right for you’. 


Newton Hall was a perfect fit for the grooms. It appealed to Jacob’s love of stately homes, it’s minutes away from our stunning coastline, it isn’t a hotel but an exclusive dedicated wedding venue. Something that was top of the grooms’ requirements. They both felt the individual nature of the rooms was totally unique and the venue ‘amazing’. 


The Grooms’ chose an Autumn wedding (Jacob’s favourite season) and a colour scheme to reflect the time of year. They drew inspiration from online sources and employed a wedding planner. This worked for Jacob and Joe as they wanted a laid back,  stress free affair. The wedding planning service also offered a one stop shop showroom to pick from. This really worked for them as everything was under one roof, the guys were able to pick everything from the one place, including the cake, table decorations and tie backs. As well as stunning autumnal branches and twigs to truly highlight their theme. Both feel this offered a stress free way to plan and meant they had less services to worry about and chase. Newton’s dedicated wedding planner took care of the rest of their requirements. All this meant the wedding was booked and planned in less than a year!


Planning your ceremony and having ‘your day your way’ is at the heart of everyone’s big day. Jacob and Joe wanted their laid back upbeat theme to resonate in their ceremony. They took advantage of the Ceremony Coordination Team’s suggested words, promises and ring exchanges. Both felt these offered ‘something for everyone’ and chose to go with shorter less traditional wording. Jacob and Joe asked that the ceremony was light and upbeat. Jacob recalls ‘The guys who did it were great. We didn’t want it being overly serious or  long and drawn out . We specified upbeat light hearted, nothing felt dragged out with people laughing throughout’.


The happy couple say that just after the ceremony was their favourite part of the day. It’s the moment when you can say we did it and a special time to spend time with family and friends as a newly married couple. Originally being from different parts of the country it also meant that their two families got to enjoy spending time together. 


Both feel that the day was full of laughter and stress free. They say that if anything went wrong they wouldn’t have known it. They loved every minute of their big day, being surrounded by those they love the most and were touched when a friend, who was working, travelled 40 miles to surprise them before having to return to work later in the evening by taxi!


When asked if they had any advice for couples looking for their dream venue they said  ‘Go for one where it’s a venue whose primary purpose is for weddings -they strive to just make it your day and focus on it being yours. And their advice for the big day itself? To make sure you give yourselves ‘down time during the day and take time out’ for some time together, just the two of you’.


This year will mark not only their first anniversary but Joe’s 30th the week before. The current pandemic may mean their plans are on hold but they fully intend to mark their special days at a later date. We wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness and many happy trips back to Northumberland.  



  • Photography by Mark Dilbo