Karen And Davy were wed in The beautiful Ballroom at The Morpeth Town Hall, with 70 of their closest family and friends there to witness their marriage ceremony….even if it did take 33 years for the marriage to happen!

This love story started 33 years ago when Karen was 17 and Davy was 20. Karen’s Granddad originally lived in the lovely port of Amble but moved to County Durham during the Second World War after meeting his wife. Her Granddads family remained in Amble, meaning Karen often visited. Davy had just moved to Amble and met Karen in a local café where she was working during the school holidays and so their romance began!

After the holidays, Karen returned to County Durham and the pair went their separate ways. A beautiful summer romance to remember they thought.

However, fate intervened and the pair met again 5 years later at a wedding reception. But the couple again went their separate ways due to Davy’s move to Manchester for work.

The couple lost touch until 14 years ago when a mutual friend was out in Amble and wished Davy a happy New Year. She returned to her friends but quickly came running back over with her mobile phone….On the other end of the phone was childhood sweetheart Karen! The pair kept in touch over the years via emails and texts.

Sadly, 6 years ago, Karen suffered a heart attack due to a generic Heart condition and she took this painful time to reflect on her life. At this stage she wrote 3 letters, one to her best friend, one to her two sons and one was addressed to Davy…Her letter to Davy explained that her biggest regret in life was not becoming his wife and Davy just knew he felt the same.

However, due to various circumstances the romance didn’t blossom again until 1 and a half years ago when they both realised just how much they meant to each other and how in love they were. This is when they decided to plan their special wedding and where else but in Northumberland where it all  began.

Neither Karen nor Davy has married before, but they say the 33 year wait for each other was more than worth it.

Asking the new Mr and Mrs Brown their advice to other couples planning their special day, they said “We would definitely recommend Northumberland for your marriage, the wedding co-ordination team have been brilliant from start to finish and the lovely Registrars who conducted our ceremony were excellent and made us feel so comfortable! They also advised couples to follow their heart and do what makes them happy; love will always find a way!

One final twist to this lovely story…..the couple were born on the same day and Karen’s Great Aunty actually delivered Davy at Alnwick Hospital, where she worked as a midwife…it was always meant to be!