Personal Touches

Choose readings from your favourite books, poems that offer guidance, songs that you’ll never forget and personal promises that will last a lifetime.

Please note that the following suggestions are only for licensed venue ceremonies. For Register Office ceremonies, please contact us for advice on personalising your ceremony.


Ceremony Personal Touches


The Rose Ceremony

This is a simple yet moving ceremony where the couple exchange two roses symbolising the giving and receiving of their love for each other. The roses can be given to the couple by members of their family, friends or even the Registrar.

An example of the wording can be found here [link to be updated], however the wording can be tailored by you for a more personal touch.


A Unity Candle Ceremony

A candle is a powerful symbol of love and light and as such can be used in a number of ways as part of this ceremony. Whether you are celebrating the unity of two families, or wish to remember the loved ones who can’t be with you on your day, we can work with you to create a format that is personal and meaningful.

For example, the Registrar can invite two family members to light a candle, representing each of your families. Using these two candles, the couple then light a central candle which represents their union and that of their families.

An example of the wording can be found here [link to be updated].


The Sand Ceremony

This very ancient ceremony is similar to the candle ceremony, but has the advantage of leaving a permanent memento for the couple on their special day.

In this ritual, the couple pour two different coloured sands into one special container. The flowing of the sand and the blending of the colours symbolise the joining of two lives, representing everything the couple have been, or will become, in the future. An example of the wording can be found here [link to be updated].


Legal Vows and Promises

Choosing your vows

Lawfully, there are only two places in the ceremony where specific wording must be used:

  • During the declaration
  • During the contractual vows

However, it is still possible to choose from three legal options, which we show you in your Ceremony Pack.


Exchanging of rings

We offer a choice of five ring vows, which will be shown in your Ceremony Pack. However, we also invite you to create your own.


Personal promises

Personal promises are a great way to incorporate values and vows that have particular significance to you as a couple. Your ceremony pack also contains several options, but we are more than happy for you to provide your own.

Please note that no wording may be used from any religious ceremony.



​Music is one of the best ways to bring your ceremony to life and can be incorporated in a number of different ways.

There are four key points throughout the ceremony where music could be used:

  • as your guests are assembling
  • for the entrance of the bride
  • during the signing of the register and photographs
  • your exit

You are very welcome to have a live performance, instrumental or vocal, as part of the ceremony itself, or in place of a reading.



​Whether a reading is humorous, serious, poetic or classic, it will always add something personal to your ceremony and is a lovely way to involve your family or friends as part of your day.

The Registrar will also be happy to read for you, too.


Themed weddings

​We encourage all unique and personal approaches to your special day and themed weddings are a great way to do this. Please discuss your ideas for a themed ceremony with our Ceremony Co-ordination team first on 01665 602870.